An angel rising. This was taken in the skies over Florida. Looks like an angel, can you see it?


A few days ago, I was reading the updates on my Facebook news feed and came across this picture what seem to resemble an angel that was posted by Huffington Post. I like to read the comments people write for certain posts. As I went down the page reading every other comment, I started to notice how some people related this image as the devil or demon rising after the new Pope was elected. It is disheartening to see so many that looked at this picture that way. Are we so discouraged with life that something as simple as this that could give a little hope to some, make you think of the devil? I mean, when I see something like this, it makes me feel like there are angels that watch over us and an image like this that could give the world hope. Just enjoy it and don’t spoil it for others that like seeing this type of thing.

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