2007 Kenworth W900L

2007 Kenworth W900L

When you have been on the road for as long as I have and you feel as if you are on your last leg, this is what you reward yourself with. This 2007 Kenworth W900L is a top of the truck that most drivers decide to purchase when their career as a truck driver is coming to an end. You reward yourself with something you only dreamed about. This “large car” is the ultimate in comgort and the design demands respect. When you pull into a truck stop or at a customer, other drivers comment on the color, paint design, lights, stacks (pipes) and wheels. If you an owner operator and purchased a trailer with your truck, it may have the same design as the truck. There are drivers that take pride in their ride and dress both tractor and trailer the same way! I can only imagine this sitting in my driveway. One day!


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