2010 W900L

2010 W900L

Now this is what I’m talking about! With this truck, you could not tell me anything. I would be the big kahuna on the beach! This is what drivers that have been on the road for years dream about getting when their career is coming to an end or at least slowing down! This truck is what we called dressed up. The chrome shop where this is located, Iowa80 Truck Stop, Joplin, Mo., has the lights, pipes, wheels, and chrome fenders as well as the chrome on truck. Whoop, Whoop, truckin’ up!!

2 responses to “2010 W900L

  1. Have you been to the Iowa 80 in Wallcot, Iowa? I think just about everyone has been there.

    That is one “purty” truck. Thanks for sharing this photo. Who in their right mind would drive that beauty on the pothole riddled, orange cone nightmare mazes of construction? I’d be too afraid to get a scratch, or worse a dent.


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