Pyramid Lake

Pyramid Lake

My first trip across the U.S. to California was in a 18-wheeler. My team driver and I had a load to Compton, CA that we picked up in Linden, NJ and had to be delivered 4 days later. It was a long but good trip. I finally got to see things, places and people I only dreamed of seeing. Once we arrived in California, as we traveled along I-5 we came to the area where Pyramid Lake is located. That day the air was a little cool but nice. I captured this picture with a little 3.0 megapixel digital camera I purchased 2 weeks prior, from the window of our 2009 Volvo 780. I had no idea the pictures would come out as good as they did. I have several pictures of the lake and surrounding mountains as well as several other cities I will publish later.


7 responses to “Pyramid Lake

  1. Pyramid Lake is up around the Grapevine isn’t it? You have a fantastic photo to share.

    I have a gazillion photos, most not very good, of my travels. I post them for my crafting friends that keep track of my whereabouts. They think this is an exciting job and I’m not going to burst their bubble. As you know, it has good days and not so good days 😉



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