DOT Inspections

DOT Inspections

It has been noted that there are several states that are doing way more inspections on trucks than other states.  An article written in the Overdrive magazine, a magazine geared towards the trucking industry, has published this fact.  The article, Inconsistent enforcement: CSA’s heat index, compares each state and their rate of inspections per lane mile.  The state at the top of that list is Maryland, which has conducted over 32 inspections per lane-mile.  Idaho is at the bottom with only 2 inspections.  Depending on what state and what the inspector is looking for, determines where the state stands on the list.  The state of Ohio is on top for lighting inspections, they have written more citations for lights on each vehicle than any other state.

I feel that it is unfair for some drivers to be inspected every time they cross into a certain state.  If you live and operate in one of the states with a high inspection ranking, you would stand to be inspected everyday.  The second highest ranking state is California, with its weigh stations being very active in inspections.

These and other inspection stations use electronic equipment to detect overheating of tires and brakes.  The use of portable scales can be found on roads that do not have permanent weigh stations an can be moved anywhere.  Most of these type scales are located near companies that haul flatbed, logs, wood chips, and dump trucks because these vehicles have been noted to carry heavier loads than normal.  In some cases, these drivers are weighed and inspected up to 3 times a day.

Granted truck inspections are a good tool to catch those with trucks not up to standards but can be a hindrance to those trying to make a living.  No one is saying get rid of inspections, just make it consistent with every state.  There should be a standard of how many inspections each state should conduct, no more no less.

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