Oh damn, the TV is out

How many times have you heard or said that when you go to turn on the TV and there’s nothing but a black screen with “Searching for signal” blinking at the bottom. You have raced home after being at work longer than you anticipated and reach for the remote, push the button before you take your coat off or your shoes and to find…nothing! If you have cable, like most of us, it could be the box or you forgot to pay the bill. If you have satellite, the signal from the satellite has been blocked or some sort of interference. You wanted to make sure you didn’t miss your favorite show that was scheduled for that night and you can’t even watch it. If it is on the local channels, there’s a chance you can find that antenna that you stashed when you got cable, hook it up and reset the TV. But if you forgot where you put it, well… Anger and disappointment set in and you start thinking about places you could go to watch that program and start calling friends to see if they will be watching. After the second call, your friends answer with, “Man, you know I don’t watch that silly show!” Your heart sinks and you have no idea in what to do with yourself. It is such a routine to come home from work, drape your coat on the back of a chair, kick your shoes under it, grab the remote and flick on the TV while scrounging in the kitchen for something to munch on before dinner. To come home and find out that the TV is not working is a shock. You have no idea in what to do with yourself. Then it hits you, I can always look at a movie, I got Netflix! I can rent that movie I have always wanted to see. Its amazing how many people have gotten into a routine of coming home and turning on the TV. In some cases, the channel most watched is CNN or MSNBC, for the news. Some people have a favorite sitcom or drama they watch at the same time every night. If you television goes out for any reason, what are you going to do? How does it make you feel? If you are like me, you turn on the television and do something else, like get on the computer and have it watching you peck away at it until you favorite show comes on. Still we get attached to that darn thing and can’t see ourselves without it. You go to bed with it on, wake up in the middle of the night and turn it off. Then get up a couple hours later and turn it on to watch the morning news. Its a never ending cycle. But it does have some of the best shows or movies to watch!

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