4 responses to “Sun Rays

    • When I was little I was terribly afraid of storms, to the point where I would hide under my father’s legs when he sat in a chair. Now that I am older, storm clouds excite me. I really feel blessed when the sun peeks through the clouds like that!

      • Your Dad must have been one amazing guy. Such a sweet memory you shared.

        Like you, I am often amazed at the wonders to behold in the natural world. Being on the road I sometimes feel like I am in the most amazing chapel or church.

        I really liked your photos and I’m thankful you shared them.


  1. But really, Leslie, I was not my parents only child. There was 6 of us, 3 boys and 3 girls. I just hung to my Dad because I thought what he did was more exciting than what my Mom did. I am a outdoorsy girl, much rather be outside doing whatever than inside fussing around in the house. lol

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