Visions of the Road

I got home last night around 10 p.m. after a long two weeks turning and burning.  I retrieved the mail and now sitting out on the step to soak up some of this glorious sun, so crisp and clean out here.  While I sit here I can hear a truck out on the highway run over the rumble strips on the side of the road.  It immediately sends my mind to a section of highway in Indiana, I-74, west of Indianapolis on my way to Iowa.  There’s not too much out there but trees and farmland.  That day was just like this one, sunny, crisp and warm.  Everything seemed to be crystal clear.  All it takes is a song, time of day or the sun shining in a particular way, and I am back out on that section of road.

Riding that section  of highway cruising at about 68, speed limit is 65, I don’t think there’s a chance of me getting my “knees switched” at this speed.  Getting your “knees switched” means getting pulled over for speeding, trucker jargon.   It’s getting to be about 2-2:30 in the afternoon.  Naptime! Even though I slept fairly well the night before, I get tired around 2 and need a nap.  I’ll stop either in a truck stop or a decent rest area for a couple of hours then continue on.

Writing this and thinking about it makes me want to leave today, but tomorrow is soon enough.  I find that when I am home for more than 2 days, I start to have visions of some of the highways I’ve travelled.  Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?  It’s funny that when I am not there I can’t wait to get home but when I am home, I can’t wait to go back out!

Life of a truck driver.

One response to “Visions of the Road

  1. This post so resonates with me 😀 I find the “visions” you mention flit through my brain when I am not focused on something. Like being in the bathroom and it is quiet in there. I get kind of antsy for the road while I’m home, same as you. When I’m out and far from home alone in my truck then I think of all the stuff that needs to be done at home. Cleaning, paperwork to catch up on, bills to pay. Then I want to be home. It is a catch 22 for the both of us it seems :/

    I really enjoyed your post. Keep it up.



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