Snakes in the House

thumb-copperhead--agkistrodon-contortrix[1]I’m sure everyone has heard of the movie, “Snakes on a Plane”!  I didn’t see it because snakes are not my thing.  I’m not sure that I am exactly afraid of them, I haven’t been around them like that.  When I purchased my house, the garage was turned into a den, so the floor is sitting on the ground.  I have problems with bugs, spiders and crickets.  Well, the other night, I was laying on the sofa and watching my favorite show, “Gunsmoke” and what crawled out from under the loveseat but a baby snake!  I screamed and jumped up on the back of the sofa.  My son came running in to see what the problem was.  I pointed and screamed again.  He stood there with his hands on his hips and said, “Ma, really? That little thing?”  I could have punched him, if I could have gotten to him.  I stepped onto the side table and climbed across the railing on the steps to get out of the room.  He walked over and planted his big foot down on the snake.  Whether he killed it, I don’t know.  He came out and got the dust pan and picked it up and took it outside.  My nerves were pretty much shot after that, I slept with the light on for the next 2 nights!   I am scanning the room when I go into the den to make sure there is nothing lying in the floor or crawling around.  I guess I am definitely afraid of snakes!!  😦

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