Road Destruction

Road Construction

Road Construction (Photo credit: Dru Bloomfield – At Home in Scottsdale)

Road construction or destruction?  Every highway you drive, there is some sort of construction going on.  From replacing the asphalt on a stretch of highway to replacing bridges.  Highways are reduced from 4 lanes to 1 in either direction and traffic is backed up for miles.  Some truck drivers say that there are workers that have started working and retired on the same stretch of road.  Wouldn’t that be something, if it were true.

Back in 1991, I was on my way to Saudi Arabia on a deployment to Desert Storm and we were scheduled to leave out of Langley Air Force Base in Norfolk, VA.  I-64 was torn up at mile marker 255 to 260.  I returned home 6 months later and they were still “constructing” something.  I became a truck driver in 1994 and started working in that area between 1996 and 2000 and they were still “constructing”!  Now, how crazy is that?

I understand that big trucks and weather wreak havoc on the roads but some projects seem to last forever.  By the time they are finished, the first part of the project needs repaving. :/  Now, there are some roads that not only have pot holes in them but bumps from where they have filled in some, making it worse.  Those roads need repair.  When a project is finished and the road is reopened, it can be a beautiful thing.  You look forward to riding that road or crossing that bridge, its brand spanking new! 🙂