It’s Me!

How could you just ignore me?  How could you not say ‘hello’?  What did I do to make you act like that towards me?  We used to talk, discuss the things that occurred during the day.  What can I do to fix what’s broken between us? Life’s too short for us to be this way towards each other!  It’ me!!!   Ugh…!

Anybody want a bird?


2 responses to “It’s Me!

  1. I guess it knows that I have been contemplating giving it away! My ssister says she’ll take him. Because I have been away for a few weeks, he’s giving me the cold shoulder. I slowly walked up to the cage and whispered, “I love you more than you know!” I waited patiently for an answer, there was none but the sound of two splats of bird doo on the paper in the bottom of his cage. How rude!! I wanted to “pluck” him! Chester’s a bad bird, right now!!


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