Oh How They Make Me Cry


Cover of "Imitation of Life"Skin

Movies.  You are sitting on the sofa watching a movie on Lifetime or another channel and the part comes up that will definitely turn on the water works.  Why do we, as women, watch these types of movies?  My sisters are always telling me that they are home, mostly on Sunday afternoons, watching the Lifetime or Lifetime Movie channel with a box of tissue in their laps.  And no matter how many times I watch the movie, Imitation of Life, I cry buckets!  The film first came out in 1959, starring Lana Turner, Sandra Dee, Susan Kohner, and Juanita Moore.  This was a remake of the original in 1934.  If you have not seen the movie, I suggest you do.  The story is a black woman who could pass for white, denying her mother because she’s black, until she dies and with sadness and regret finally acknowledges her at her funeral.  A very good movie and never gets old for me.

It’s good that there’s a special channel for us women that enjoy these types of movies.  Even though I am a sucker for black and white movies, there are some movies of today that will sting your tear duct quite a bit, too!  One such movie, Skin, starring Sophie Okonedo, Alice Krige, Sam Neill, and Tony Kgoroge.  The story was about Sandra Lainge born to two white parents, was classified as black in South Africa in the heat of apartheid.  A very good movie and definitely made you cry.

I love watching these type movies but I should limit how many I watch. Can’t be crying everyday! I could sit here and give you quite a list of movies that could jerk a good cry but I won’t.  I’m sure you know some I haven’t seen yet!  Find a great movie and have a good cry, clean out that clogged tear duct every once in a while!

8 responses to “Oh How They Make Me Cry

  1. As a guy, there have been three movies that have made me shed tears. Forrest Gump, Planes, Trains and Automobiles and To Kill a Mockingbird. I’m a sucker for a good story, especially in a classic movie.

    • I forgot about Forrest Gump, now that really made me cry. I don’t have too many male friends that will admit they cry at movies but I’m sure they do! Thanks, Wesley.

  2. this type of Oh How They Make Me Cry | metalkingtoyou is nearly something like my best blog I reckon that this concept is definately turning into common

  3. There is another crying just like Lora Meredith due to the death of Annie Johnson: Billy Copeland. Copeland was crying because Tyler Johnson died very unexpectedly and Johnson did kick the habit of drug addiction. (Tyler descended from the first Tyler, Wat Tyler.)

  4. There is another crying just like Lora Meredith due to the death of Annie Johnson: Mandy Hyda. Hyda was crying because Gary Michael Joy saved her life and her son, but Joy was shot dead. (Joy was of British and Swedish origin and no immediate family is known to exist as of 2014.)

  5. Wow! There is another one quite like the woman who cried at the casket of her black mother: The story of the hero, Alan B. Hall. Nicole Monahan is crying because she felt guilty after “Uncle” Hall died saving Ruby Monahan.

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