FMCSA proposes plan to establish driver screening

| June 28, 2013

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has proposed a nine-year plan for identifying the riskiest drivers and addressing unsafe driver behavior.

The current transportation appropriations act requires FMCSA to report to Congress on the Driver Fitness component of the Compliance, Safety, Accountability program.

The agency’s report this month included possible steps to implement a driver Safety Fitness Determination. It would require completing other priorities and having dedicated resources, officials wrote.

During the first year, FMCSA would conduct a driver SFD feasibility study, including a severity weighting system for violations.

The next year, it would develop driver safety measurement methodology,  processes for identifying the riskiest drivers and possible interventions. Also that year, it would estimate the number of drivers who would be rated unfit and the potential safety benefits of the change.

During years three through five, FMCSA would test and refine the new Driver SFD methodology and related processes.

FMCSA would complete a notice-and-comment rulemaking to establish the Driver SFD methodology, enforcement and due process in the sixth year. It also would issue a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.

Agency officials would evaluate NPRM comments before issuing a Final Rule and final regulatory impact analyses during the seventh year. The FR compliance date would likely be no more than two years after publication of the rule.

In the eighth year, FMCSA would train governmental officials regarding the Driver SFD program and provide educational materials to the public. During the ninth year, the agency would fully implement the program.

6 responses to “FMCSA proposes plan to establish driver screening

  1. This is so like our government. Pack of flaming idiots!

    The professional truck driver gets blamed and hoisted on peitards when the blame lands squarely on the shoulders of the trucking companies.

    Instead of working harder to increase the shipping costs, thereby raising the rate of truckers pay, AND making it easier for trucking companies to hire more drivers we get this.

    Drivers are tired and fatigued. The demands placed on company drivers by the companies is criminal! Joe bought a cap yesterday that about sums it all up.

    “75 mph truck….150 mph dispatcher”.

    Stupid people in suits with their soft hands and greedy grabbing fingers!


      • I hear you. Joe often says “The government can’t do anything for you. They can only do things TO YOU”.

        Makes me crazy when those oafs get in and begin dabbling where they haven’t got a clue.

        Have you given any more thought to what you might do when you finish driving?

      • Yeah, since I have been home this time, I have put in applications for warehouse work and a couple dispatch positions. I am considering taking one of those courses for brokering/dispatch.

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