Fireflies (Lightning Bugs)

Fireflies (Lightening Bugs)

It’s just about dusk and the sun has dropped below the horizon and the tree line. The first star has appeared in the sky and its a beautiful night. The mosquitoes are beginning to bite. Looking out across the yard, you catch a glimpse of a flash of light. The first lightening bug has appeared. Then there are more popping up across the yard, rising up out of the grass. That intermittent flash that ells you where they are for that moment. The lighting again several feet away.

As a child, I remember trying to catch as many as I could. My brothers and sisters would put them all in a jar, eventually letting them go. Of course, the ones on the bottom would not survive captivity, being crushed by the others. There were some we’d catch, maybe 2-3, that we would put grass in the jar with them hoping they’d be alive in the morning.

Nights like this remind me of these times and make me wish that I could go back there. I can, in my dreams!

3 responses to “Fireflies (Lightning Bugs)

  1. This is a great post. Thank you for sharing a favorite childhood memory here.

    I was over 40 before I saw my very first firefly. Felt like I was 3! They make me think of fairies. Tinkerbell and her friends flitting around 🙂


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