Late Night Drive

Late Night Drive

There’s nothing like a late night drive in the summer. Whether you have the top down or all the windows open, it is the most exhilarating thing, ever! To feel that warm air through your hair or your fingers, the zing you feel when a bug pops you in the forehead or your arm that’s out the window. You have your tunes turned up to a tolerable level and cruising down a two lane road or highway and not another car in sight! Smooth Jazz, R&B and old school is what I’d be listening to. Music from Boney James, Rick Braun, Marvin Gaye, or Chaka Khan, Otis Redding, Esperanza Spaulding.

Plenty of nights out on the road, I-40 mostly, in New Mexico or Arizona, listening to Will Downing with the windows down and cruising at about 70 mph, was the best time of the day. You did have to keep your eye out for deer or elk out in that area but that wasn’t too much of a problem.

When I am in the car, preferably on the passenger side, I put my arm out the window and hope I don’t get zinged by a bug. I could ride forever. Of course, the person that’s doing the driving should be someone you’d want to be with. Such joy I feel during that time. Serenity. Wait, where are my keys?

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