My Words

How do you get the feeling of what you want to say on paper?  Somewhere between my head and hands, it gets lost, jumbled up or the feeling goes in another direction.  I have been wanting to be a writer for as long as I can remember and the words or thoughts are there, but transferring them to paper can be frustrating!  If they have invented a machine that could read minds, I would buy one and have 50 books on the market!  No such luck and my frustration level is high.  I have been working on this same book for almost 7 years and I’m not halfway through!

I can’t get comfortable or get the atmosphere right.  It’s not good that my concentration is out of whack right about now!  Oh how I want to finish at least one of the 5 books in progress! I feel my words are a little elementary as well.  My friends say that they like what I have written so far but still…  My head hurts from pulling my hair out due to lack of concentration and being easily distracted!  I feel a long road trip coming on.  It seems to be the only way to write!!  :/

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