Colorado Rain


On our trip out to Colorado to deliver storage trunks to Walmart, a storm came up.  One thing that these people don’t need is more rain.


Its hard taking pictures out of a window with bug juice on it and the camera wants to focus on it!  😦


This cloud looks like a space ship!
While we were there, it rained all around the city but not in the city.  Then we chased it from Colorado to Florida!


Saw this out the side window traveling I-75 North out of Florida!  Didn’t know what was going to happen!

One response to “Colorado Rain

  1. I love your cloud photos! The first photo makes me think of a giant squid coming into the line of sight. Indeed, your second one looks like a space ship. Yikes, the clouds over Florida have a big boxer type dog looking at me with his/her tongue sticking out! On second thought….that just may be a pit bull.

    Great shots from the road 😀 I love it when you post photos.

    Love you my friend – Leslie


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