Views from the Bay Bridge in Maryland


Looking down the middle of both bridges.  Road work constantly on bridge to make sure it is always in good condition.


Little tugboat pushing another across the water.


Ships on the water on their way out or docked waiting to come in.


Seafood restaurant off the bay.  You know that you are the freshest seafood at this place.  One day I am going to eat there!
There are many shops along Route 50/301 that I want to visit but the area is definitely not made for big trucks.  The views from this bridge is breathtaking.  The water is beautiful, especially when it is filled with all different size boats, recreation and/or fishing.  If ever you are in this area of the Eastern Shore, stop in for a visit!  I truly recommend it!

4 responses to “Views from the Bay Bridge in Maryland

  1. Great photos of your travels through Maryland. It is good to see your view of the world out there. If you get near the Port of Baltimore you can park over at the T/A and splurge on a taxi ride to one of the fresh seafood restaurants. Wish I could recommend one to you. The only one I know of is out in Dundalk – Costas Seafood Restaurant. They specialize in steamed crab if you are interested.



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