5 responses to “Cincinnati

  1. Good shots of that huge city. That is one of several cities I needed all my attention on the road. Get distracted and I found myself in the wrong lane and blocked out of getting to the right one. I’m glad to see you posting photos of your travels.


    • Hi Leslie,

      Where are you riding these days? I have been on a dedicated run from Charlotte, NC to Seattle, WA. Would like to meet you and your husband. I am with a good friend working for Roadrunner/Loftis Trucking. Hope to hear from you.


      • Hey, girlfriend :-). Love your photos in your most recent post.

        We are deadheading from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania this weekend and will miss you :/. We are getting trucks from West Hazleton and York, PA going to Altoona, Iowa – near Des Moines.

        Will you be home for Thanksgiving?

        Safe travels to you, my friend. Winter is approaching so “Keep the shiny side up” 😉

        Hugs to you – Leslie

      • I hope to be home. With this guy, he wants us to do 2800 in 2 days with a truck that 2 mph faster than a snail!! If he becomes anymore unreasonable about hometime, I will quit, Shawn and I both! Well, if you get somewhere on I-80, I-29, or I-40, holla at me!
        Be safe out there!


      • 2800 miles in two days?! Even with two of you driving 600 miles a day you can’t do it. Not to mention your Hours of Service logging will be in the crapper fast!

        You and your friend stay super safe. That kind of pressure is only an invitation for Murphy (Murphy’s Law) to hitch a ride with you :-(.

        We’ll meet up somewhere. I promise you that!

        Hugs to you my friend – Leslie

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