Here We Go Again…


Just as the snow from the last event had melted, the forcast was for the next event was to happen 2 days later.  Well, here it is.  This time, they are calling for 2-5 inches.  Uh, I hope it stays around the latter, 2 inches or less!!  😦

It’s not that I dislike snow, just  at my age, I can’t afford to slip and fall!


Three killed in massive traffic pileup near Michigan City, Indiana

My prayers go out to the people that lost their lives in this horrific accident. I, too, have never been involved in one. Prayers will also go out to all involved. Be safe, everyone!♥

FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV | News, Weather, Sports

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(CNN) — Three people were killed Thursday in a 30-vehicle pileup on Interstate 94 in northern Indiana during whiteout conditions, according to state police.

More than 20 people were sent to area hospitals, including one person with life-threatening injuries, according to Sgt. Ann Wojas of Indiana State Police.

LaPorte County was experiencing heavy snow and extreme cold and winds.

Police said half of the vehicles were tractor-trailers.

Police Lt. Pete Wood said it could take 12 to 24 hours until things get back to normal on I-94. Motorists were urged to find alternative routes.

By Susanna Capelouto

CNN’s Carma Hassan contributed to this report.

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Everlasting Snow

wpid-20140126_105421.jpgSnow is beautiful when it’s falling. All you can do is sit in the window and watch as each flake land on ground. Some melt on contact, still some remain. At the start, some children are out with their tongues out trying to catch a flake or two. Soon, the area starts to look like a winter wonderland as the inches pile up. When you are a child, having a snow day is the best thing, EVER!

Then the temperature drops and that beautiful snow becomes a nuisance. Usually, after a few days, it’s melted and gone away. This time, that didn’t happen and it’s been here for a week, two weeks. It’s been so cold here that this snow, even though it was about 2 inches, is not going anywhere. I wish it would get to 50 degrees and melt it away.

Before the “old” snow can melt away, the weather channel is predicting more snow in the next few days! Uhh, will it ever end?

Hospital Waiting Room


Have you ever sat in a hospital main waiting room and watched the people coming and going?  They come in all shapes and sizes, colors, men, women, children, doctors, nurses, nurses’ aid, janitorial, just the general public.  The noise level varies at different times of the day.  Some of the people in the waiting room have sitting for hours waiting for an answer from the surgeon.  Medical personnel walking through to get to the other side of the hospital or going to the cafeteria to eat.  Patients being transported for tests or x-rays. People coming in to visit family that are patients here, or coming in to get outpatient procedures done.  

We all know that it is not polite to talk about people when you see them but sometimes you can’t help it.  It could be something that they are wearing that you want to bring to someone elses’ attention or maybe they have brought it to you.  It could be that someone has had an accident in the waiting room that medical personnel had to be called.  What ever it may be, the waiting room can be an interesting place.  You may find that you know a lot of people that pass through.  One thing that I find myself watching is the fashion, what everyone is wearing.  In some cases, they look pretty decent, in others, its like ‘what happened’?   I’ve sat here here for the past several hours and I know at least 1000 or more people has passed through this lobby.  Hopefully, everyone who’s there because of sickness gets well soon.

Preparing for Surgery

The clock alarm went off at the time it was set, 3:45 a.m. I sleepily reached over and turned it off. My mind immediately went to the surgery that was scheduled for me for today several weeks ago. My clothes were packed with whatever personal items that was needed. I laid my clothes out that I intended to wear to the hospital the night before. I slowly rose to my feet and went into the bathroom to freshen up before heading to the hospital. Even though, I was trying to keep my mind off the impending surgery, it kept creeping into my thoughts. The phone rang. The caller ID indicating it was my sister making sure I got up on time. I reassured her that I was up and brushing my teeth. We joked around on the phone for a minute or two and I told her that someone was calling in on the other line. We said our goodbyes and I switched over to hear my mom’s voice greeting me like she does every morning, “Morning, dear!” For some reason, this morning her greeting meant something special. “Morning, mom, what’s up?” “Just calling to see if you were up. Did you pack all the things you need?” “Yes, I packed it all last night. Are you coming to the hospital later?” I asked. “As soon as I get your father up and out to work. Don’t worry, I’ll be there.” she replied in that motherly voice that makes you feel warm and dripping with love. The two of you continue your conversation for a little while longer only for you to tell her you have to go so you can continue to get yourself together and get on your way.

Walking out the door to the car, the surgery is the only thing on your mind. Driving down the highway to the hospital, you think of only one thing, your surgery. The doctors explained that this is a routine procedure and there is nothing to worry about. Right, routine, for who? It’s not everyday you have this type of surgery, or any kind for that matter! Even though you have every confidence in your surgeon, you do still worry. You get checked in and they escort you to the Surgery Department and now your nerves are really on edge. While sitting in the Waiting Room, you pull out your ipod and plug in. Maybe music can take your mind off of it and calm you down.

Sitting there totally oblivious of the sounds of the hospital, the announcements, people talking, doors opening and shutting, the elevators, for those few minutes your mind is relaxed and soaking in the music that’s coming out of the earphones. For those few minutes, the music takes you away, to a place only in your dreams. With your eyes closed, you see music notes float around the room and bouncing off of the walls, floor, people. As the music is nearing its creciendo, someone touches you on the shoulder and tells you that its your turn to go into surgery. You enter the Pre-op area and prepare for surgery by undressing, putting on hospital gown and waiting for anesthesiologist to come in and do what he does to prep you. After a few hours, you slowly drift into a relax state and finally sleep.

Hours later you wake in the Recovery Room to hear nurses and doctors talking about other patients and you. You drift off again. When you wake again, its a couple of hours later and you are in your room and there is family sitting and waiting for you to open your eyes. All you can think about is when can you go home. After the doctor has come in and informed your family how you are and how the surgery went, he lets everyone know when he is expecting to let you go home.

A total of 5 days have passed and the doctor and nurses are preparing to release you. All the appropriate paperwork has been done and the prescriptions are written. You are sent home to finish recouping from the major surgery. Weeks pass and you are nearly fully recovered. Life is good! 

The Kiss

wpid-images-71.jpegHave you ever been kissed so good that you can still feel it? You know, the kiss that you feel from you head to your toes. The kiss that makes you go limp. The kiss that makes you feel like there is no one else in the world by the two of you. The kiss that warms your soul. The kiss that makes you fall in love with him. The kiss that lingers on your lips long after it’s over. The kiss that makes other kisses seem like a peck. The kiss that is so deep, you don’t want to let go.

When it’s over and he is gone, your mind replays the kiss over and over again. You wonder when you will see him again and if he will take you away, with a kiss! Oh, that kiss!