The Kiss

wpid-images-71.jpegHave you ever been kissed so good that you can still feel it? You know, the kiss that you feel from you head to your toes. The kiss that makes you go limp. The kiss that makes you feel like there is no one else in the world by the two of you. The kiss that warms your soul. The kiss that makes you fall in love with him. The kiss that lingers on your lips long after it’s over. The kiss that makes other kisses seem like a peck. The kiss that is so deep, you don’t want to let go.

When it’s over and he is gone, your mind replays the kiss over and over again. You wonder when you will see him again and if he will take you away, with a kiss! Oh, that kiss!

2 responses to “The Kiss

  1. Hot…..girl… are steaming up the joint! Seriously now. I hope the reason for this post is because you have recently had one of those toe curling kisses planted on you. Or, again seriously, you have got a novel working around in your head as you drive your truck over the highways. Yowzer! Either way that is one interesting post.



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