Hospital Waiting Room


Have you ever sat in a hospital main waiting room and watched the people coming and going?  They come in all shapes and sizes, colors, men, women, children, doctors, nurses, nurses’ aid, janitorial, just the general public.  The noise level varies at different times of the day.  Some of the people in the waiting room have sitting for hours waiting for an answer from the surgeon.  Medical personnel walking through to get to the other side of the hospital or going to the cafeteria to eat.  Patients being transported for tests or x-rays. People coming in to visit family that are patients here, or coming in to get outpatient procedures done.  

We all know that it is not polite to talk about people when you see them but sometimes you can’t help it.  It could be something that they are wearing that you want to bring to someone elses’ attention or maybe they have brought it to you.  It could be that someone has had an accident in the waiting room that medical personnel had to be called.  What ever it may be, the waiting room can be an interesting place.  You may find that you know a lot of people that pass through.  One thing that I find myself watching is the fashion, what everyone is wearing.  In some cases, they look pretty decent, in others, its like ‘what happened’?   I’ve sat here here for the past several hours and I know at least 1000 or more people has passed through this lobby.  Hopefully, everyone who’s there because of sickness gets well soon.

2 responses to “Hospital Waiting Room

  1. This post gave me a big chuckle. I’m sorry, as I have since learned, you were in that waiting room for your own impending surgery. I had to chuckle because I may have been one of those you would have been saying “What happened?!” about 😀 Most of my clothes are grease stained and splotched with black from 5th wheel grease. And I have very little fashion sense. If it is a top and a bottom….it works for me :/

    Get well my friend. Leslie


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