Everlasting Snow

wpid-20140126_105421.jpgSnow is beautiful when it’s falling. All you can do is sit in the window and watch as each flake land on ground. Some melt on contact, still some remain. At the start, some children are out with their tongues out trying to catch a flake or two. Soon, the area starts to look like a winter wonderland as the inches pile up. When you are a child, having a snow day is the best thing, EVER!

Then the temperature drops and that beautiful snow becomes a nuisance. Usually, after a few days, it’s melted and gone away. This time, that didn’t happen and it’s been here for a week, two weeks. It’s been so cold here that this snow, even though it was about 2 inches, is not going anywhere. I wish it would get to 50 degrees and melt it away.

Before the “old” snow can melt away, the weather channel is predicting more snow in the next few days! Uhh, will it ever end?

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