Early Signs of Spring




February 23, 2014 — The weather today is beautiful.  The temp is expected to rise to 70 but later this week it’s going to be cold again.  Already, I have noticed the flowers in the yard are starting to pop up.  The trees are getting those little red bulbs on them, the start of new leaves.  At the edges of the yard, the grass is getting a little greener and me, well, I’m getting that feeling.  You know, that feeling where you want to spend more time outside.  When you find reasons to leave the house, even if it’s just to ride to the store down the street to buy a soda or juice.  I guess I am like the trees, during the winter, I am inside not wanting to go anywhere.  But as soon as it gets warm, I break out and spend most of my time in the park. 

I can’t wait to see the flowers bloom between the hedges, to see what color shows up this year.  The crepe myrtle trees in front of my house blooms, the azalea bushes come out in colors of yellow, pink, and  dark pink.  I love the spring, but there is one thing that kind of eeks me out, worms!  I can really do without them and if they can stay hidden until they get there wings, it would be greatly appreciated.  Happy planting, everyone!

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