City Skyline



These pictures were taken from the 8th floor of a manufacturing company in Richmond, VA.  Every two days, I refill the coffee stations in this building and several others.  This is my job now. I have officially given up driving but I do keep up with new rules that deal with the trucking industry. I try to pass on the info to my friends and fellow truck drivers.

4 responses to “City Skyline

  1. It has been a long time since I’ve had the opportunity of reading your blog. I suppose the job transition is because of your knee surgery over a year ago. Where has the time gone?!

    I hope your new job is going well. You have more people to encounter and get to know. Being a solitary person as a truck driver may have been quite a change for you.

    I just wanted to let you know I looked you up and wanted to leave a note of friendship.


    • Thank you, Leslie. It has been a long time since we’ve spoke. I think my driving career is officially over. I have had more health problems, mainly my heart. It is certainly a let down, to say the least. I had planned on returning to the job I loved.

      The job I have now is ok, but it’s nothing like being out there amongst everyone and everything! Not much of a homebody either. Well, I guess I better dig my heels in and get used to being here.

      Certainly was nice hearing from you. I haven’t posted anything much, dealing with a lot. But God is good! I am fine now and going to continue to do good. Just got to get used to the bland meals! :/

      • I am so sorry that you have been having health issues recently. Bummer looking out the window where you work and see your former life stream up and down the highway :/ I seriously hope your heart problem is not something that will worsen. Maybe (fingers crossed) medicine will keep it from getting worse.

        Yikes! Bland Meals!? That has got to be torture for you. My friend, I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


      • Thanks, but the doctors seem to think that I will be fine. I know that I have to change my lifestyle, but it shouldn’t be hard. As they say, MODERATION, is the key word! I was trying to go back out there, I’ll have to wait to see what the doctor says.

        Actually, I feel good. Better than I did, going up and down stairs now is no problem! Thank you for your concern, Leslie, I really appreciate it!


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