Have you ever looked at the swirls in wood or the speckles that are in floor tile, or the patterns of  wallpapers in the doctor’s office and seen something that is not there.  I mean, have you seen faces or other objects in each?  For several years, I have been seeing faces in all types of patterns.  When I first started driving a truck, I worked for a company that had trailers that were lined with plywood.  With each trailer that I hauled, I could see faces in the swirls of wood.  Well, one day when it kind of got to me, I took my marker, which I keep in my pocket, and traced about 15-20 faces in the plywood.  Needless to say, that trailer was mighty crowded.

Everyone talked about the artwork and asked who did it.  I didn’t own up to it, at first.  But of course, they tracked it back to me.  It became something that drew everyone’s attention to the point that they displayed the trailer out front of the dispatch office for everyone else to see.  I was called up on the carpet for the “defacement of company property” and had to forfeit a couple of hundred dollars for my…. impulsiveness.  But, truly, it was worth it!  Faces are found in the smallest patterns on the floor or on the wall, in the tops of the trees as the wind blows, in water when food coloring is dripped into it.

Remember as a child, you and your friends would lie on the ground and look up into the clouds and see animals, cars, faces and other things?  Even now, as grownups, people are taking pictures of objects they see in the clouds.  Some most famous are those that look like Jesus, reaching out to us or looking down at us.  These phots are posted all over Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.  Use your imagination as much as possible, you will be surprised at the things you are able to see.


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