Where Are You Going?


North and south, speed limit is 60 but most are traveling at 65 to 70.  Trucks, cars, van, all makes and models going somewhere.  To work, maybe, home or on vacation, coming from a vacation returning home.  Trucks delivering gas, general freight, picking up freight. Pickup trucks pulling RVs behimd them.  RVs pulling pickup trucks behind them.  Disabled car on the side of the road, blown tire.  The flashing lights of a tow truck can be seen half a mile down the road, coming to their aid. Where are you going?  

Buses, dump trucks, tankers carrying all types of liquids, all shapes and sizes, going about their way. Some say if you see a truck on the road late into the night, on weekends, and holidays, that driver is working!    

Heading towards the city, traffic thickens. Brake lights are seen in the distance as it slows to under 55.  Cars moving in and out of traffic, jockeying for the front, hurrying to work. An occasional horn is blown to let someone know they are drifting into another lane. The loud roar of a truck’s Jake Brake passing as it slows to exit the highway.  A motorcycle or two can be heard over the sounds of the traffic as the tires meet the road.  

So tell me, where are you going?