Have You Ever Been…

Have you ever been stuck in an elevator?    I was going about my day as usual, stocking the breakrooms and pantries in an office building.  I was at the second stop of the day.  I got on the elevator to the 6th floor when it stopped between the 5th and 6th.  A loud bell started ringing and my immediate thought was, ‘What the hell?’  I reached over and started punching buttons to see if the doors would open, they didn’t.  A loud voice came over the intercom in the elevator to let me know that someone was on their way to fix the situation. I acknowledged them and told them that I was the only one in the elevator.

I manuevered the cart I was pushing to the side so that I could sit down on the floor.  I pulled out my phone and started checking my emails.  The whole time, I kept wondering when I was going to lose my mind, start sweating, or even start shaking.  It never happened.  At least, I now know that I am not claustrophobic!  Actually, it was kind of peaceful in there.  I could hear people talking about the elevator being stuck and there was one person inside.  I started to call several people but decided against it.

Twenty minutes later, the car jolted and then moved up and the doors opened.  I stood up and saw that there was a crowd outside the door.  I smiled and walked out with my cart.  Everybody was making a big deal about the fact I was smiling instead of being upset, I was fine, there was no need to be upset.  I can now say I have been trapped in an elevator!  It felt longer than 20 minutes.

Now, for the most embarrassing part
Being trapped in such a small space, not only did I have to go pee, I had a terrible case of …gas!  OMG!  When the doors opened and the smell hit everyone in the face, I felt 2 inches tall!  I could not get out of there fast enough.  Some people laughed and others showed their indignity with frowns and waving their hands in front of their faces.  You could have bought me for a nickel when that door opened.  Needless to say, no one entered the elevator after I left!  :-/

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