Freightliner unveils first U.S.-legal autonomous truck

EQUIPMENTOverdrive Staff|May 05, 2015

Freightliner Trucks unveiled May 5 in Las Vegas the first road-legal self-driving truck for the North American market.


Freightliner this week unveiled a futuristic concept vehicle, the SuperTruck, which it says has been in the works for half a decade. Here’s a look …The truck, dubbed the Freightliner Inspiration, can legally operate in the state of Nevada, and it’s commercially viable, Freightliner says.  It’s not available for purchase yet, and details are still scarce.   Freightliner will reveal more Wednesday, May 6.  The Inspiriation, however, will no longer be relegated to just test tracks and closed roads.   It will be running in public traffic throughout the state of Nevada while engineers refine its operation.  Stay tuned to Overdrive for more details as Daimler Trucks North America, Freightliner’s parent company, unveils more today.


Photos: Freightliner unveils futuristic SuperTruck concept


Too Busy to Post

It has been a while since my last post. It’s not because I am no longer interested,  it’s because I have been so busy.  Between the job and my new hobby, I haven’t had the chance to put anything out.

I promise to start back up again.  The trucking industry is getting outrageous with some new rules and regulations and even introducing an unmanned truck to this country! Imagine that!  More later on that.  Have a great day, everybody! 🙂