Confidence, non-existent. Concentration, non-existent. Pondering what to do next, always!

I find myself not knowing where I am and what to do next. I can’t concentrate on what I am doing without something else pops into my head. For instance, I needed to clean or straighten up my apartment so I started in the kitchen washing dishes. I went to my bedroom to get a coffee cup I had the day before. Before I knew it, I was cleaning the bedroom. Got frustrated when I saw the cup then started to take it to the kitchen when passing the bathroom, I noticed I needed to change the toilet paper roll. So, I went into the bathroom and wiped down the tub and sink, then grabbed the trash bag. And again, seeing the coffee cup I placed on the sink, I grabbed it, dropped the trash bag and headed out to the kitchen. Mind you, I never did change the bath tissue.

Passing through the living room, I straightened the magazines and wiped down the table that had dust on it. Went to fluff the pillows on the sofa, then went to the closet and retrieved the vacuum cleaner. When I reached behind the sofa to plug it in, I saw that damn coffee cup on the table!! I dropped my head and covered my face with my hand, picked up the cup and took it to the kitchen and proceeded to wash it. Finally!!

When I am on the road, I think about all the things I need to do when I get home. I sew as a hobby but soon realized my closet needs to be updated. But, when I sit down at my machine, thoughts of writing pops in my mind. Even though I like what I make, I still feel like it’s not good enough. Because, I can’t concentrate, writing just can’t happen. Sometimes, tv shows I need to catch up on pops up. While I am sitting here writing this, all I can think about is the dress that’s on the mannequin that needs a top made to go with the skirt. And my paperwork that needs to be sent in so I can get paid for it. Dang, it!!

At this point, I cannot concentrate on any one thing before moving on to something else! I wish I knew of a way to help with this!


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