Confidence, non-existent. Concentration, non-existent. Pondering what to do next, always!

I find myself not knowing where I am and what to do next. I can’t concentrate on what I am doing without something else pops into my head. For instance, I needed to clean or straighten up my apartment so I started in the kitchen washing dishes. I went to my bedroom to get a coffee cup I had the day before. Before I knew it, I was cleaning the bedroom. Got frustrated when I saw the cup then started to take it to the kitchen when passing the bathroom, I noticed I needed to change the toilet paper roll. So, I went into the bathroom and wiped down the tub and sink, then grabbed the trash bag. And again, seeing the coffee cup I placed on the sink, I grabbed it, dropped the trash bag and headed out to the kitchen. Mind you, I never did change the bath tissue.

Passing through the living room, I straightened the magazines and wiped down the table that had dust on it. Went to fluff the pillows on the sofa, then went to the closet and retrieved the vacuum cleaner. When I reached behind the sofa to plug it in, I saw that damn coffee cup on the table!! I dropped my head and covered my face with my hand, picked up the cup and took it to the kitchen and proceeded to wash it. Finally!!

When I am on the road, I think about all the things I need to do when I get home. I sew as a hobby but soon realized my closet needs to be updated. But, when I sit down at my machine, thoughts of writing pops in my mind. Even though I like what I make, I still feel like it’s not good enough. Because, I can’t concentrate, writing just can’t happen. Sometimes, tv shows I need to catch up on pops up. While I am sitting here writing this, all I can think about is the dress that’s on the mannequin that needs a top made to go with the skirt. And my paperwork that needs to be sent in so I can get paid for it. Dang, it!!

At this point, I cannot concentrate on any one thing before moving on to something else! I wish I knew of a way to help with this!


Too Much Water To Drink


Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel, located on Route 13 to runs to the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  There are so many people who are afraid to cross this bridge because of the large amount of water underneath.  The only time I am afraid is when the wind is blowing and the water is splashing up on the bridge. Yeah, that’s super scary!  I guess it’s not so bad when you cross this bridge in a car, but imagine crossing in a big truck, a high-profile vehicle, you have to slow your roll and pay closer attention to what’s going on around you.

The scenery off this bridge is beautiful! Nothing but water for a few minutes, ships crossing over the tunnel, you may be able to catch a picture or two when that happens.  My view maybe a little better than others because I sit up higher. There is a restaurant located at the first tunnel you come to when crossing from the Norfolk side called The Virginia Originals & Chesapeake Grill.  I have not had the chance to stop through but I am sure it’s good. You can get any fresher seafood than being right on the water. The many reviews I’ve read, some good some bad, but you can say that about any establishment!  The speed limit is where it should be. Traveling any faster may create problems you don’t want.  I don’t think that you will ever be that thirsty!

The best time to cross is only when its a clear sunny day, so you can see everything! It is totally amazing!

American Girl Phenomenon



This Christmas my granddaughters, Bria and Cayla received American Girl dolls. Cayla has told me repeatedly that she has wanted the doll for 3 years and no one wanted to get her one. Once I went to the website to check out these dolls, to my surprise, the cost was a little high. But, being Gramma,  I had to make them happy!

I created an account on the site so that I could get the magazine they have that featured everything American Girl. From accessories to smaller dolls that is supposed to be the bigger doll’s doll!  Incredible!  These dolls retail at $130, priced during the holiday, $115, we had 20% coupon bringing the total cost to $109. We ordered 2! It’s really not about the price when you see the surprise on their face Christmas morning. The dolls they really wanted were on backorder til January 6th, so we ordered a different one so they would have it on Christmas.

For weeks, Cayla walked around with the catalog showing anyone and everyone all the things she wanted once she got the doll. I got a little tired of hearing about it but I listened anyway. She would flip the pages and circle what she wanted without checking out any prices. Some of those things were quite expensive. Clothing items ranged between  $10-$35, while other larger items are priced much higher. Well, to counteract the high cost of the clothing, I am making some of them and a lot of fun doing it! Of course, I will purchase an item or two for them. Below, you will find that I have gotten quite good sewing these items (not bragging, well, maybe just a little). Hope you all like them!! 😉


White top trimmed with lace, fastened with Velcro in back.


Orange jumper


New App – Periscope

Over the weekend I asked my niece Stacie to record a song and post it to Facebook because I wanted to show her off.  She agreed.  I kept checking Facebook to see if she had placed the video out there and she hadn’t, instead she texted me to tell me to watch her live on this app called Periscope.  She sent me her username and I searched for her.  Unfortunately, where she was singing, a church, did not have a good connection so I was unable to hear her beautiful voice.

Immediately after the service was over, she sent me a text to say that she was going to be LIVE, in her car!  I hurried and pulled her feed up and watched and listened as she serenaded me and others that joined the feed.  I am a big fan of my niece, Stacie.  I love to hear her sing.  Her voice brings me joy and I find myself tearing up.  I am going to try to place the link to her recording on Periscope so that you all can hear what I am talking about.

UPDATE – I tried to retrieve the video, but unfortunately, it is no longer available.

I am not sure if I am going to keep this app. I’m not to keen on watching someone live to just do weird stuff. I mean, all I have to do is watch the folks around here and I can laugh all I want. I guess for some, it’s okay, but for me, what am I doing that I have to broadcast it , LIVE?

The Disappearance of a Black Neighborhood in Central Virginia

Brown Grove is an area in the town of Ashland, Virginia that is mainly a black community.  Lately, more white families have been moving in. Many of the residents are related in some way, by marriage or blood.  Over the years, families have grown and some of the younger generation has moved away, leaving the older people and the ones that refuse to leave.  Recently, the county of Hanover approved a plan to bring stores and shops to the area, in the Brown Grove community. It started with building a school bus garage, then other businesses like Champion Windows, an RV dealer and recently, Harley Davidson built a new facility in that area.  Bass Pro Shops moved in across Lewistown Road, along with Bojangles, Wendy’s, Dunkin Donuts, Subway, and several other stores.

I remember traveling that stretch of road between Route 1 and Ashcake road, and looking at the numerous houses  along the way. Children playing outside, riding bikes, having family cookouts during the summer or snowball fights during the winter. At any time you can see someone walking the road,  heading across the bridge to work at the TA truck stop (aka Speed & Brisco), or going to the Shell station for beer and cigarettes.  Sometimes just to get to someone’s house. For the most part, this has been a quiet area.  Except for the occasional uproar, there was no trouble here.  We lived on a dirt road that sometimes the kids would all get together and have go-cart races from one end to the other.  When we had cookouts on that road, there would be cars parked from the house that was having it to the end.  We moved out the community because of the Air Park extension of the runway for the planes.  But, our hearts will always be in that neighborhood.

I know that things have to change in order for the community to grow, but it seems that everything I remember about the neighborhood is disappearing. They are also talking about hotels that are going up, how many is anyone’s guess.  It seems that the black neighborhoods are disappearing all over the U.S.  If there is what they consider to be prime real estate that would be great for a Walmart, Lowes, Target or some other big store, they will do what they can to take it, purchase it and run the occupants out.  Yeah, I’m feeling a little upset about it!  All of this reminds me of the phrase, “You can never go home again.” In some cases, that is very true!

It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

I remember growing up watching this cartoon.  We all couldn’t wait for it to come on.  I remember watching the clock and counting down for that time.  Nowadays, the kids don’t know anything about Charlie Brown and what he meant to us.  A lot of the things Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus and the rest of the gang were going through, made us laugh.  My granddaughters watched the episode for the first 5 minutes then turned the tv to “Dog With a Blog”! (as if)

Charlie Brown is the best thing on TV as far as cartoons are concerned.  There is no violence involved. With every episode, there’s a lesson to be learned.  But, poor Linus, never got to see the Great Pumpkin, but he never gave up!

Everlasting Snow

wpid-20140126_105421.jpgSnow is beautiful when it’s falling. All you can do is sit in the window and watch as each flake land on ground. Some melt on contact, still some remain. At the start, some children are out with their tongues out trying to catch a flake or two. Soon, the area starts to look like a winter wonderland as the inches pile up. When you are a child, having a snow day is the best thing, EVER!

Then the temperature drops and that beautiful snow becomes a nuisance. Usually, after a few days, it’s melted and gone away. This time, that didn’t happen and it’s been here for a week, two weeks. It’s been so cold here that this snow, even though it was about 2 inches, is not going anywhere. I wish it would get to 50 degrees and melt it away.

Before the “old” snow can melt away, the weather channel is predicting more snow in the next few days! Uhh, will it ever end?