The Solitude of Music


Jazz, R&B, Pop, Rock, Blues

It doesn’t matter what type of music you like, when you are feeling some type of way, it seems to be the only thing to comfort you.  Sitting by yourself, your mind tends to stick to whatever problem that’s plaguing you.  You reach for your iPod or MP3 and put the ear buds in and turn it your favorite songs.  You check the volume, turn it to where everything outside of the ear buds is completely shut out.  Boney James’ Breathe starts playing and immediately whatever problem that was there is pushed to the side for another time.  Your mind goes places you wish you could.  Every beat of the percussion, swoon of the sax and pluck of the piano is absorbed into every inch of you.  You are transported to a space that’s occupied by nothingness and everything.  Your feet never touch the ground but you are not flying, music notes brush past, the sweet smell in the air is palpable, your hand is in what feels like water but your hand is not wet.  The tranquility that music brings to you is immeasurable.

If you are like me, you can listen to a song 5 times and hear something different every time.  I find that when I am really enjoying the music, I am either giving a private concert with my background music recorded, dancing (like DTWS), or visualizing music videos.  I sometimes imagine being in one of the many IMAX theatres, sitting in the middle and having the speakers turned up and a movie of outer space playing. WHEW!!

When I want listen to my heart, my breathing and the rhythm of life, I put on my headphones and tune out the world!  And let my mind go where the music takes me in solitude.