Suicide – The taking of ones life by their own hand.  The people who are left behind are wondering why.  What was so devastating that it would cause them to take such drastic measures?  Family and friends are left with broken hearts and dreams.  How do they live the rest of their lives without you?

You hear how someone somewhere else who has decided that life is not worth living and give up but you don’t expect to hear it when it comes to your family.  Statistics say that more men commit suicide than women, but it does not matter when it’s someone close to you. Our hearts are heavy today and our minds confused as to why. Family gather and reminisce about the things you did growing up and have a momentary laugh. Someone let their emotions get to them and several people break down. You will be truly missed especially at family functions, which you always attend. Your wife and family will miss you dearly and will have to find the strength to carry on without you!

We love you and would have done all we could to help you if you had only asked!