Too Much Water To Drink


Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel, located on Route 13 to runs to the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  There are so many people who are afraid to cross this bridge because of the large amount of water underneath.  The only time I am afraid is when the wind is blowing and the water is splashing up on the bridge. Yeah, that’s super scary!  I guess it’s not so bad when you cross this bridge in a car, but imagine crossing in a big truck, a high-profile vehicle, you have to slow your roll and pay closer attention to what’s going on around you.

The scenery off this bridge is beautiful! Nothing but water for a few minutes, ships crossing over the tunnel, you may be able to catch a picture or two when that happens.  My view maybe a little better than others because I sit up higher. There is a restaurant located at the first tunnel you come to when crossing from the Norfolk side called The Virginia Originals & Chesapeake Grill.  I have not had the chance to stop through but I am sure it’s good. You can get any fresher seafood than being right on the water. The many reviews I’ve read, some good some bad, but you can say that about any establishment!  The speed limit is where it should be. Traveling any faster may create problems you don’t want.  I don’t think that you will ever be that thirsty!

The best time to cross is only when its a clear sunny day, so you can see everything! It is totally amazing!





After a good rain and hot, ‘shrooms pop up in the yard.  Always right in front of the house, the same spot!  They come in many shapes and sizes.




This one resembles a flying saucer hovering close to the ground.




These, well….breasts! Am I right? Lol!  Many shapes and sizes.



93 Days


Grilling (Photo credit: Jeff Hester)

93 days!    We have 93 days of summer.  Bummer!  Every time I think about it, I feel sad and hurried.  I feel as if there is not enough time to do all that I need to do for the summer.  I start making lists and calling family members to see who is having cook outs so I can plan accordingly.  I live for the spring and summer, can’t really function in the late Fall and Winter.  Yeah, you have the spring and fall to continue doing things, but the summer is when you get to wear certain clothes and water parks are open.  Grilling is not just for the summer, you can also cook during the spring, fall and winter, if the weather is right.

Uh, 93 days!  Why did someone put that number in my head?  I wish I hadn’t heard that!  Now I will mentally count down the days until Fall.   Doom and gloom!  I think I need to move to a more tropical environment, don’t you? Water parks have got to be the best places to go during the summer.  If you are one of those families that do not have a pool in the back yard, then you will want to visit a water park,  I have not been in  a while, but looking forward to going before the summer is gone!  Yay!!

An image of Magic Mountain Water Park in Moncton.

An image of Magic Mountain Water Park in Moncton. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)