Hooked Up

There’s nothing more embarrassing than to have your truck on the hook! Some say it’s no big deal, but for me, it’s embarrassing.  I recently left home to take a load to Lynchburg, VA when my truck started making a weird knocking noise. My truck started losing power and the noise got louder. I was travelling route 360 and just entered Amelia county when I slowed to the point I had to turn my flashers on. I barely made to the burned out truck stop on the left. 
I contacted my dispatch and it took him 14 hours to get someone out there! 14 hours of freezing my buds off, starvin’ like Marvin, and sleepy as a cat!! Even though the temperature outside was 48°, it felt like 30° in the truck. There was no place to go and get warm or to eat.

The next morning, my boss called to say a wrecker was coming for me. I said, ‘Yes,thank you because I am really cold.’ Well several hours later he called again to give me the name of the wrecker company ant to find out where exactly I was located. Another few hours later, the man with the wrecker called and said he will be out within the hour. He arrived 4 hours later! Ughhhh!

He arrived and told me my boss called him around 12 noon to inform him of my breakdown. 12 noon… I called him at 2 a.m.!!! Men!!! I asked the driver to drop me at home on his way to Chesapeake. He did and there I stayed for 3 weeks. 

Finally, I am back at work in a different truck and dealing with the dreaded ELD’s! Crazy, huh?


Truck and Trailer Maintenance

Truck and Trailer Maintenance

When you neglect checking the brakes or if the hub is without oil in it, this sometimes happen. I was on I-85 north just outside Anderson, SC when the I saw smoke in my mirror. As I approached a construction area, I saw the hub come off and hit the jersey wall bounced off and roll under the wheel. I immediately pulled over, the ground was soft, wet and messy. The wrecker had to take the wheel off and chain up the axle in order to get me off the road. What a mess!

Because of the neglect on the company’s part, it took us the rest of the day and part of the next to get this fixed and back out on the road. Vehicle maintenance is something that the company and drivers need to pay attention to. The whole time we sat here, the company didn’t check on us to see if we were safe or if the truck had been fixed and we didn’t get paid for this down time! Needless to say, we didn’t stay at this company too much longer.